ʔaq'am Celebrates Another Successful Awards Day

The 2013 Awards Day was held on June 27th at the Kinsman Quad Park in Cranbrook.  This day is all about honouring our students for all of the hard work they do throughout the school year.  Every person has something they are good at and we at ʔaq'am acknowledge all of our students from Early-Learning to Post-Secondary.  This year was an exceptional year with 17 students recognized as “Overall Achievers” within various categories such as: excellence in attendance, attitude, effort, participation and academic achievement.

2nd Annual Community Trek Announced!

THIS EVENT HAS CHANGED due to flooding damage to the road into Buhl Creek.

 Please click here for updated information and site change information.


ʔaq'am Welcoming Scott Manjak as Interim Chief Operating Officer

St. Mary’s (ʔaq'am) Band Council has appointed Scott Manjak as Interim Chief Operating Officer for a period of one-year, commencing on July 2nd, 2013 and concluding on June 20th 2014.

3rd Annual Strategic Planning Celebration

May 16th, marked our third annual Ka kniⱡwitiyaⱡa Celebration at the St. Mary’s Indian Band arbour. The celebration ran from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm, opening with an honour song, prayer and the raising of our Tipi Poles followed by group photos.  This event was attended by over 150 community members.

Yuwat-keeping group welcomes new bees

We received word that the yuwat-keeping (bee-keeping) group is back in action this year and that the group just welcomed new bees to their apiary site on-reserve. Congratulations to Robert Williams, Marisa Phillips, June Forsyth, and Becky Pelkonen for continuing with this community-based initiative. We look forward to more honey this year! 

To keep up-to-date with the group, join them on their facebook page at