Land's Committee

Lands Committee

Invitation for Expressions of Interest



The purpose of the Lands Committee will be to:

Make recommendations to Council on laws, resolutions, policies and procedures respecting Band lands
Assist in disseminating information on land issues between Membership and Council
Oversee community approvals under the St. Mary’s Indian Band Land Code
Carry out any other duties that may be assigned or delegated by Council.



The Lands Committee shall be composed of:

Land Code Open House

Thursday April 10th, Land Code OPEN HOUSE.  Come by anytime time from 10:00 am- 8:00 pm to ask your questions and have snacks!

VOTE day is fast approaching, please remember Council wants EVERYONE to make an informed vote.

Land Code, Typography error correct

Please be aware that there was a numbering error in the Land Code that was caught, corrected and verified.  The attached PDF shows the numbering corrections.

Reminder: Vote Date is fast approaching! April 14, 15,16th!

How to Mail in your VOTE on the ʔaq̓am Community Land Code

The Staff at ʔaq̓am have put together a great instructional video on how to mail in your Land Code vote.  Great job!  Here is the link to where it is posted on Facebook