Capital Infrastructure Projects

The community’s infrastructure investment plan includes new housing and the development of a 77-unit serviced lot subdivision. The Department of Operations is striving to build energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing available to all ʔaq'am members.

The First Nations Market Housing Fund will assist ʔaq'am in achieving its goal of creating new housing by supporting capacity development in areas such as governance, financial management and community commitment. The Fund will also provide ʔaq'am with the opportunity to secure financing for construction on-reserve.

One of the reasons why First Nations such as ʔaq'am have difficulty finding appropriate financing for the construction of housing is the existence of provisions under the Indian Act that limit seizure of property on-reserve, making mortgage security unavailable. The use of the Fund will make it easier for ʔaq'am members to access housing loans on-reserve, purchase or renovate existing homes and build new homes.


Current Bidding Opportunities

Language and Culture Center Energy Improvements