Joint News Release-ʔaq'am Community and Purcell Collegiate Incorporated MOU

The ʔaq'am Community and Purcell Collegiate Incorporated (PCI) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two parties. The signing took place on Tuesday, October 12 at ʔaq'am and is the result of 19 months of collaborative discussions and cooperative initiatives. The MOU articulates the parties’ groundbreaking partnership on PCI’s in-development international boarding school, Purcell Collegiate, and lays the groundwork to expand ʔaq'am’s role to include shares in PCI and a seat on its corporate board of directors.


ʔaq̓am Statement on Cemetery

ʔaq̓am Statement on Discovery of Unmarked Graves The Leadership of ʔaq̓ am wishes to clarify information that has appeared on various social media platforms as well as national and international news regarding the discovery of 182 unmarked graves in a cemetery in the ʔaq̓ am Community and near the former site of the St. Eugene Residential School and the current site of the St. Eugene Resort. Please click link below for the full media release. 

Distribution of Beef to ʔaq̓am Community Members

As part of their Grazing Licence Agreement, Gwinner’s Country Butcher located in Kimberley, donated Beef to our community. ʔaq̓am Administration will be distributing this donation to our local area households. Members will be given the opportunity to receive a package of Beef, with each including a variety of cuts. Ground Beef can last for up to 4 months with other cuts up to 1 year if kept frozen safely.

Qat'muk News

Celebrate the future of Qat'muk

The Call to Gather is for Ktunaxa people.  Learn about the next chaper of Qat'muk through the establishment of an IPCA. Join one of the sessions and receive a $50 stipend for your participation, plus early notification about focus groups in June.

Spring Burning Memo