Community Government

ʔaq̓am is an inclusive, democratic community that welcomes participation by all Community Members through elections, Band meetings, consultations, and other outreach initiatives.

The ʔaq̓am Community Council consists of a Chief and four Councillors. All Council positions are determined through Band elections, which take place every two years. These four-year terms are staggered through alternating elections, with the Chief and two Councillors elected at one election and the remaining two Councillors elected two years later. The ʔaq̓am Community is a member of the Ktunaxa Nation Council.

Governance in our community is guided by the objectives outlined in our document 'Our Thinking'.

  1. Develop and implement a system for selecting leaders based on community consensus about who is best for the job.
  2. Build leadership capabilities, skills, starting from a young age, based on individual strengths, passions, and potential.
  3. Support leaders so that they can fulfill their roles, including appropriate pay and recognition.
  4. Provide respectful, constructive input and feedback to leaders and staff so they can make informed decisions.
  5. Practice clear, respectful, and timely communication.
  6. Develop the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of our community government.
  7. Manage our human resources to maximize individual potential and community benefits.
  8. Build meaningful, profitable relationships with neighbour communities, organizations, and corporations.
  9. Create and sustain financial strength and independence as a community.

We strive to govern ourselves effectively as a self-determining community within the Ktunaxa Nation.