Investment Opportunities

There are many investment opportunities associated with the ʔaq̓am Community. Our Community is open to business and as our Community continues to diversify and thrive we are seeking partners who wish to grow and evolve with us. We’re looking for innovative, forward-thinking businesses and organizations to work with us. We believe the best solutions are found through conversation, sharing ideas, thoughts and stories.

We invite inquiries and opportunities to collaborate in our traditional resource, agricultural and industrial pursuits. We welcome innovative and creative business endeavours, especially those that share our values and objectives.

Why engage with our community in business? ʔaq̓amnik’ have always been hard-working people and we continue to express our strong work ethic through economic activity. Traditionally, basic principles of economy were simply part of sustaining life – the land furnished our sustenance, provided that we balanced our use of resources with careful stewardship.

Our negotiation skills are renowned. During the establishment of reserve land boundaries, we were able to successfully demonstrate that our survival was tied to the then-emerging economics of successful ranging of cattle and horses, as well as local wildlife populations. The Commissioner of the day recognized the significance of our burgeoning economy and ensured our territory encompassed a larger area than originally planned.

Today, we continue to cherish our economic sensibilities and demonstrate our negotiation skills. The ʔaq̓am Community is one of the most successful First Nation groups in the country because we foster a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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