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For general enquiries, please contact our friendly receptionist by filling out the request form below.  Your queries may also be directed by via phone 250-426-5717 or email  Please fax any documents to 250-426-8935. 

Address: 7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook, BC. V1C 7E5

Community Government

Vacant- Please contact reception to be redirected
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.   Email: 

Kristi Gingrich
Human Resources Generalist
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3550  Email:  

Anna Morigeau 
Executive Assistant
Phone: 250-426-5717  Email:

Lyla Gilhuly-Receptionist

Phone: 250-426-5717  Email:

Bonnie Harvey
Governance Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 Email:  

Chief & Council

Joe Pierre Jr.
Nasuʔkin (Chief)
Phone: 250-426-5717 

Jason Andrew
Phone: 250-426-5717 

Vickie Thomas
Phone: 250-426-5717 

Julie Birdstone
Phone: 250-426-5717 

Sancira Williams-Jimmy
Phone: 250-426-5717 

Community Health & Wellness

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: (778)-761-1040 ext. 3523 Email:

Shelby Aquila
Wellness Coordinator
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3527 Email:

Jennifer Damstrom
Community Nurse
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3527  Email:

Ivan Nikolov
Youth & Recreation Coordinator 
Phone: (778)-761-1061 ext. 3528 Email: 

Debbie Patrick 
Registered Care-aid
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3562 Email:  

Kristen Queen
Health and Wellness Receptionist 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3593 Email:   

Richard Leesman
Addictions Counsellor
Phone: 250-426-5717  

Josh Lockhart
Youth and Family Counsellor
Phone: 778-761-0833|  Email:  

Operations & Housing

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: (778)-761-1040 ext. 3523 |  Email:

Sloane More 
Operations Coordinator
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3524 |  Email:

Alicia Phillips 
Housing Coordinator 
Phone:  250-426-5717 ext 3580 (778)-761-0679 ext. 3580 | Email:

Logan Casimer
Facility Maintenance Worker
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3544 Email:  

Phil Wood
Facility Maintenance Lead
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3544 |Email:

Kim Halvorson
Program Assistant/Social Development
Phone: (778)-761-0913 ext. 3536 |  Email: 

Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 


ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises (ACE)

Christopher McCurry
Chief Executive Officer, ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises
Phone: 778-761-0770

Ryan Phillips
Business Development Manager
Phone: 778-761-0809

Aminda Jospeh
Administrative Assistant

Lands & Natural Resources

Julie Couse
Director, Lands and Natural Resources
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.3531  Email:

John Brace
Registered Professional Forester
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext.3588 Email:

Reem Saraya
Land Code Advisor
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3584 Email:

Sonya Sejer
Lands and Resources Project Coordinator 
Phone: 250-426-5717 ext. 3539 Email: 

Education Services

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: 1-778-761-1040 ext. 3523 Email:

Eryn Geddes
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Education Centre Principal
Phone: 778-761-0816 Email:

Marisa Phillips
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Education Centre Secretary
Phone: 778-761-0709 Email: 

Kelli Dalziel
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Manager
Phone: 778-761-0882 Email:

Audrey Palmer
ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare Assistant Manager
Phone: 778-761-0896 Email: 

Finance & Accounting

Ivan Winter
Director, Finance | Financial Controller
Phone: (778)-761-0710 ext. 3530 |Email:

Grace Joseph
Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
Phone: (778)-761-0921 ext. 3529 |  Email:

Ken Sanders
Finance Clerk
Phone: (778)-761-0832 ext. 3543|Email: k

Wade Sendecki
IT Manager
Phone: (778)-761-0661 ext. 3545 | Email:

Language & Culture

Michelle Shortridge
Director, Operations and Community Services
Phone: (778)-761-1040 ext. 3523 | Email: 

Sonya Morigeau
Language and Culture Manager
Phone: (778) 761-0904 ext. 3538  | Email: 

Brett Capilo
Language and Culture Events Coordinator
Phone: (778) 761-1077 ext. 3535  | Email:

Chrystal Williams
Language and Culture Mentee
Phone: (778) 761-1044 ext.3525  | Email:   

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